Kanawha River, West Virginia

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Our client is completing an investigation of a 14-mile section of the Kanawha River near Nitro, West Virginia, under the Removal Action program for the United States Environmental Protection agency (USEPA). The river is partially controlled by a series of locks and dams, and is a major transportation route for coal and other materials. The investigation was completed in three phases:

  • Assembly and detailed review of existing information to develop a Site Conceptual Model (CSM)
  • Refining the CSM through focused sampling, including fish tissue, surface water quality, natural recovery analysis, and sediment quality
  • Additional sediment sampling to fill in data gaps to support remedy selection

Based on this information, GHD developed a detailed understanding of site conditions and recovery trends. We developed a 3D hydrodynamic model to support the evaluation of recovery trends and remedy selection. GHD completed human health and ecological risk assessments for the site and developed preliminary remediation goals.

GHD developed an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) Report to present the results of the investigation, risk assessments, and evaluation of potential remedies. The EE/CA Report has been submitted to the USEPA for public comment. Following the finalization of the EE/CA Report and remedy selection, GHD will complete the pre-design, design, and remedy implementation phases of the project.



Now more than ever, organizations recognize the need to integrate environmental factors into core business decisions. From supporting clients in compliance and permitting to remediation and redevelopment of existing assets, we have earned a reputation for excellence by offering integrated, practical and innovative solutions.

In today's dynamic business and regulatory environment, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive, sustainable and financially sound business solutions to support the management of environmental liabilities.

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