Port of Portland multi-tenant chemical pipe rack infrastructure

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GHD developed a master plan and final engineering designs for a bulk liquid terminal including a 100-foot long pipe bridge with up to 15 dedicated unloading lines. The terminal handles products including methanol, propylene glycol, liquid fertilizers, vegetable oils, bio-diesel and glycerine.

GHD completed the master plan, preliminary engineering, and a USD2 billion probable cost determination for the new bulk liquid terminal installed at Berth 401, Port of Portland Terminal 4. This berth had been previously reviewed by GHD for an existing tenant as a potential unloading facility for methanol. In addition to methanol, other products that may be transferred would be lignite, urea ammonium nitrate, propylene glycol, liquid fertilizers, vegetable oils, bio-diesel feed stocks, bio-diesel, glycerin, and ammonium calcium nitrate. GHD also produced construction documents and provided construction support for final design for bulk liquid terminal improvements.

Design consisted of a pipe rack serving five tenant sites with up to 15 dedicated unloading lines from Berth 401. Design also included a 100-foot pipe bridge spanning from the berth to land and multiple 80-foot elevated pipe racks as well as numerous ground level pipe supports. All pipe racks were designed to accommodate 10-12” diameter product lines.



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