Petroleum Data Management

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GHD has been providing enterprise laboratory and data management services to a major petroleum company for its portfolio of more than 100 sites since 1998. Laboratory services are contracted by GHD, leveraging our significant purchasing volume to obtain highly competitive rates. Field data are collected on handheld devices using customized applications. Both laboratory and field data are imported electronically into a centralized database and data quality is reviewed by our chemistry team. Data access is provided to the client and its team of consultants either online or locally via applications developed by GHD.

The client has realized an annual savings of more than USD1.5 million by consolidating all tasks associated with environmental lab and data management. The data are in a consistent format and are fully accessible to the project teams. Our data management system enables the client to make informed decisions about site environmental activities, which has resulted in additional cost savings.

Data Management and Interpretation

Data Management

We pioneered environmental information management services, with decades of experience in supporting clients of all sizes. We understand the data management needs of our clients.

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Energy & Resources

Energy and Resources

Securing efficient energy supplies at a reasonable price and optimising production processes are the imperatives driving development in the energy and resources sectors. We deliver solutions that boost efficiency, drive sustainability and improve competitiveness.

Around the world, the energy & resources sectors enhance economic development and social progress. Issues such as increasing demand for resources and energy, production optimisation, energy efficiency and sustainable development are shaping the future. At GHD, we are committed to helping you satisfy the goals of multiple stakeholders, while balancing economic, social and sustainable demands.

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Now more than ever, organizations recognize the need to integrate environmental factors into core business decisions. From supporting clients in compliance and permitting to remediation and redevelopment of existing assets, we have earned a reputation for excellence by offering integrated, practical and innovative solutions.

In today's dynamic business and regulatory environment, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive, sustainable and financially sound business solutions to support the management of environmental liabilities.

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