West Estudillo Historic Downtown Improvements, San Leandro, CA

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GHD was responsible for preparing alternatives and design of streetscape improvements for West Estudillo Avenue between San Leandro Boulevard and East 14th Street, including storm drainage extension, street crown lowering, street lighting, crosswalks, sidewalk enhancements, and utility undergrounding. GHD was the lead agency for the Rule 20A utility undergrounding project, including preparation of the Form B for all utility company sign-off.

West Estudillo Historic Downtown Improvement Project represents one of three projects that GHD and Golden Associates have successfully worked together, as an effective team, for the City of San Leandro. We were the prime consultant and provided all the traffic, electrical and civil components of the project. Partially funded by a TLC Grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the objective of the West Estudillo project was to provide an important link between the BART Station and the Central Downtown Core by improving the pedestrian experience, providing adequate parking and visually connecting the five-block area.

Typical traffic calming and safety measures were employed with the use of bulb-outs, decorative crosswalks, walls to separate the parking areas from the pedestrian corridor. Careful consideration was made to maintaining sightlines at all potential conflict points between the vehicular and pedestrian users. Under grounding of the existing utilities new street trees, site furniture, pedestrian lighting, columns and decorative paving create very successful unified streetscape design.

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