White Plains City Center, Trump Tower and Ritz Carlton, White Plains, New York, USA

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GHD performed building and fire code consulting and a fire engineering analysis for a 45,000 m2 (500,00+ sf) retail and entertainment facility, two 35 story and one 15 story residential tower, 40 story high rise office and luxury hotel tower, large 12 level car park with 3,000 m2. (31,000 sf) health club and 4 story hotel.

The code consulting provided specific guidance to the entire design team for rapid design, permitting and construction of this re-build effort of a major downtown facility. Time savings, reduced construction changes and continuous discussions with the building and fire authorities having jurisdiction occurred. Fire engineering analysis of the car park and hotel yielded an alternative solution for fire resistance rated construction requirements.

Fire and Life Safety


Every day we work with owners, developers, agencies, fire and building authorities, risk managers, insurers and design professionals to understand and collaboratively integrate fire and life safety objectives into the needs of our clients. Our team of fire engineers, designers and life safety consultants are focused on the challenges of fire and its effect on people, business and the environment. We effectively interpret and apply codes and standards, fire systems, fire engineering and life safety methodologies with a holistic view of fire and life safety and the other protection disciplines for both new and existing buildings, while keeping sustainability, economics and regulatory considerations in mind.


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