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The agricultural industry faces a host of complex regulatory challenges governing the planning, design, and operation of all farm components, while at the same time managing the competitive pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations, to reduce costs, and protect the environment. GHD understands these challenges and can provide a full range of services to assist with their resolution. Farms need to be in compliance with environmental regulations and facility design standards, including the design of manure and wastewater storage, transfer and treatment systems, and renewable energy systems, as well as nutrient management planning and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Our people are familiar with the latest statutory state and federal environmental regulations and standards, and have the hands-on experience and technical expertise to provide viable, cost-effective solutions to any challenge facing farms. We can provide turnkey solutions for any aspect of facility development, permitting, and environmental compliance. Our teams also develop solutions that respond to social needs and community expectations.

Key areas that we focus on include:

Comprehensive facility planning and design – Whether you’re planning a new facility, expanding your current operation, or upgrading and improving to meet environmental regulations, we work with and incorporate equipment suppliers and third-party provider systems to create one complete design package to make the most your of your operation.

USDA-NRCS design compliance – Our design services align with United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) standards, specifications, policies and handbooks, including Conservation Practice Standards to ensure each farm is eligible for cost-share funding.

Feasibility studies – We have extensive experience in evaluating and comparing the economic and financial feasibility of a range of agricultural technologies, including renewable energy, processing plants, irrigation, and production expansion.

Regulatory compliance and planning – An increasing part of farm operation is the need to obtain permits and approvals, manage permit requirements, and conduct reporting for government agencies. Our team currently provides these services to many of our clients as well as serving as an industry advocate protecting farms from unnecessary requirements when possible.

Agricultural impact assessments and litigation support – Our team provides strategic planning and land use services to identify and assess the potential impact that development and infrastructure encroachment has on agriculture. We also provide comprehensive litigation support to agricultural operations with expertise in document review, overseeing and recording field sampling activities, preparing expert witness reports, and providing general information related to existing regulatory agency guidance documents and industry standards.

Strategic planning and reviews – Our team has extensive experience completing large-scale and complex reviews, including a number of performance reviews and project/program appraisals for various agricultural industry bodies.

For further information, contact:

Jason Haelzle
Service Line Leader, Food & Agribusiness – North America
T: +1 519 884 0510
E: Jason Haelzle

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