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Airport operators, government and local authorities are under increasing pressure to reduce overheads, meet more stringent security and safety guidelines, comply with regulatory requirements and maximize the return on high-value assets. They are also challenged with implementing an environmental policy to reduce noise and emissions.

In addition to enhancing the way assets are managed, a new holistic approach to delivering integrated aviation services is needed to improve operational performance, commercial opportunities and returns to stakeholders. As the global industry evolves in response to economic, environmental and social drivers, it has never been more critical to deliver effective services and achieve maximum benefit on capital investment.

To address these challenges, GHD’s aviation solutions provides services underpinned by integrated transport strategies and aviation business knowledge. Our people combine technical skill with an intimate understanding of the aviation industry to address challenges.

For more than 30 years, our professionals have undertaken more than 150 projects across 60+ airfields and airports around the world.

Our services include:

  • Aeronautical studies 
  • Aircraft noise studies
  • Aircraft pavement design
  • Aircraft pavement evaluations, geometric design and maintenance systems
  • Aircraft support facilities
  • Airfield capacity analysis
  • Airfield lighting and navaids
  • Airport and operation manuals
  • Airport masterplans
  • Airport technical and safety inspections
  • Airside and landside planning
  • Airspace analysis and design
  • Aviation operation analysis
  • Aviation risk analysis
  • Building and engineering services design
  • Circulation road and car park simulation and design
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Environmental management and assessment
  • Fast time simulation modeling
  • Feasibility studies and  business cases
  • Project management and construction phase services
  • Property development (e.g. hotels, business parks, etc.)
  • Retail and concession planning
  • Security assessments
  • Site selection
  • Terminal pedestrian simulation
  • Terminal planning and design
  • Traffic forecasting
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