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Oil and gas pipelines are the backbone of the energy industry in Australia. As the demand for these resources increases, particularly with the recent emergence of coal seam gas, gas-fired power stations and LNG prospects, so does the demand for pipelines and associated facilities to transport products from the field to the customer.

Community expectations demand that pipelines and facilities are designed and constructed in such a way that the risk of harm to the public is minimised.  Pipelines projects must also be delivered with minimum impact on the environment and cultural heritage whilst providing a return on investment for pipeline owners.

Pipeline and associated facility design and maintenance are subject to stringent codes and regulatory requirements which aim to achieve safe operation through design life.

GHD's Chemicals team are experienced in all phases of pipeline and facility design but also offer capabilities in many aspects of chemicals including:


  • Conceptual planning and optimisation studies
  • FEED & Detailed Design
  • EPCM services
  • Project management
  • Project cost estimation
  • Risk & integrity assessment
  • Design life review & technical due diligence


  • Gas transmission & distribution pipelines
  • Compressor facilities
  • Gas treatment facilities
  • Gas metering & regulator stations
  • Pig launchers & receivers
  • Liquid product pumping stations
  • Cathodic protection & corrosion monitoring
  • Carbon Steel, HDPE and GRE piping design
  • Power generation, SCADA
  • Transient hydraulic modelling
  • Stress & fatigue analysis
  • Pipeline route selection and alignment
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