Electrical Engineering - Industrial

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Industrial plants rely on various electrical loads to operate safely and reliably. You can rely on our team to work with you at every stage of your project, providing the support you need to be a safe, efficient and reliable operator.

Whether you need an audit, to develop a feasibility study, to optimise your concept design, to finalise your design, or require construction and commissioning support, we are here to help you address the various needs required for operating and maintaining your industrial plant.

GHD embraces a culture of safety. To help you eliminate or minimise operational risks, we build safety into every aspect of our design. We can also offer auditing services and assistance with developing safe work procedures.

Our team is available to listen and provide you with answers to address your operational or project needs. We can provide stand alone services or be part of an integrated multi-discipline GHD project team.


To enable electrical loads to operate reliably and safely without impacting adversely on other equipment, we consider:

  • Power system fault levels and load flows
  • Equipment and cable ratings (normal and fault conditions)
  • Equipment selection and specifications
  • Harmonics and power factors
  • Neutral earthing
  • Electrical protection and grading
  • Voltage drop (normal and transient conditions)
  • Variable speed operation and reduced voltage starting
  • Insulation coordination and overvoltage protection
  • Earthing and equipotential bonding
  • Hazardous areas
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