Forestry Management

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Community expectations demand that our forests are managed in a sustainable manner. Forest managers must demonstrate environmental, social and economic performance. Financiers need assurance that their investments will deliver economic returns while minimising environmental impacts and avoiding reputation risk.

Forest managers face a complex web of demands in meeting industry expectations and continuing to supply forest benefits like wood and non-wood products, carbon sinks, biodiversity conservation, high water quality and recreation spaces.

GHD’s professionals combine technical capacity in forestry and ecology with engineering, planning, management and consultancy – giving you a complete package of solutions.

Our team will work with you at all stages of project delivery – from planning and project management, through development of vegetation and forest management plans and systems, to auditing and reporting.


  • Plantation and native forest management
  • Forest operations project management services
  • Fire management planning
  • Independent forester
  • Forest auditing
  • Forest certification
  • Environmental management systems
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Due diligence
  • Forest policy
  • Forest ecology
  • Vegetation management plans
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