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We provide a wide range of hydrogeology/groundwater resource services. Our staff of geologists, hydrogeologists, and geotechnical engineers is highly experienced in the drilling and installation of wells and the field and laboratory testing necessary to determine subsurface conditions, aquifer properties, and groundwater quality.

Our hydrogeology services include:

  • Drilling and well construction
    • Design and specifications for drilling, well construction, and well development
    • Installation of small-diameter piezometers through to large-diameter production wells
    • Production well/groundwater supply development/wellfield design and construction
  • Groundwater sampling and measurement
    • Water quality evaluations
    • Sample collection (including low flow sampling)
    • Electronic measurement of groundwater levels
  • Aquifer testing
    • Pumping tests
    • Single well response tests
    • Packer testing
    • Downhole geophysical testing
  • Groundwater extraction
    • Groundwater extraction systems
    • Hydraulic containment systems
  • Specialty Studies
    • Dye-tracing studies in karst terrains
    • Bench-scale testing and pilot-scale testing
    • Ground-penetrating radar, seismic, and electromagnetic surveys for mapping
GHD Library

The GHD library is a collection of relevant resources to this service line.