Materials Technology

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The quality of materials used to build your structure has a direct impact on its durability. Our team carries out construction materials testing – on site and in the laboratory – prior to project start-up. Our in-depth capabilities enable us to offer innovative solutions and to prevent the use of materials that could compromise the integrity of your construction project.


Soils and aggregates

  • Review and theoretically approval of granular materials
  • Quarry sampling
  • On-site sampling and laboratory testing
  • Petrographic examination

Cement concrete

  • Review and theoretical approval of mix designs
  • On-site sampling and laboratory testing
  • Plant inspection of prefabricated concrete elements
  • Verification of the location of reinforcement in structures

Asphalt concrete

  • Review and theoretical approval of mix designs
  • On-site sampling and laboratory testing
  • Quality control testing for operations


  • Review and approval of constructor, welders, supervisors certificates and welding processes
  • Field inspection of structural steel by non-destructive testing
  • Plant inspection of structural steel
  • Inspection of metallic coatings
  • Laboratory quality control testing for steel, bolts, reinforcement steel, strands, etc.

Infrastructure condition assessment

  • Assessment and design for the rehabilitation of asphalt pavements
  • Jobsite inspection for the rehabilitation work
  • Investigation and diagnosis of reinforced concrete by non-destructive testing, evaluation
  • Design and preparation of plans and estimate for rehabilitation work

Roofing and waterproofing

  • Review and approval of waterproofing systems, building foundations and roofing systems
  • Field inspection of roofing and waterproofing systems

Quality assurance

  • Manufacturing plants audits and quality control plan

Other materials

  • Laboratory testing of construction materials such as steel, mortar, bricks, tile, concrete blocks, wood, insulation, fireproofing materials, membranes, and asphalt
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