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Drawing on decades of local, state, national and global knowledge, we’re well equipped to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your rail business.

We partner with rail operators, infrastructure owners, maintainers and financiers, suppliers and contractors, government, planners and regulators in management, and operation and maintenance of railway systems.

We're on board with metropolitan, suburban, intercity, high speed, and light rail & tram passenger rail clients. Our freight rail contacts include heavy haul, interstate, bulk, light general, shuttle and intermodal stakeholders.

Through various contracting mechanisms, we offer the most viable processes for railway owners and project financiers.

Enhance your rail performance through improved procurement, management and maintenance of long-life assets: the basis of rail infrastructure.

GHD provides services for the following rail transport modes:

  • Light rail
  • Heavy haul and freight rail
  • Heavy rail passenger
  • High speed
  • Monorails

Rail transport planning

  • Route selection using GIS or CAD based packages
  • Demand forecasting including ticketing and revenue
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project definition
  • Project evaluation
  • Land use planning
  • Economic evaluation
  • Mode selection and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Revenue analysis and ticketing review

Engineering design

  • Geotechnical engineering and survey services
  • Roads and civil earthworks- MX, BRT, 12D, ACad civil3D, B Open Roads
  • Track work and alignment design including full BIMM capability
  • Bridges, structures and building design
  • Hydrology and drainage
  • Roads and services
  • Station design and upgrade
  • Electrification (overhead wiring) and power systems
  • Railway systems, including signalling, power and telecommunications
  • Workshop and depot design
  • Feasibility and concept design
  • Cost estimation Implementation plans
  • Hydraulic design, analysis and assessment
  • Hydraulic modelling of drainage and outlet works including computational fluid dynamics
  • Inundation mapping
  • Options studies for waterway interface upgrades
  • Geotechnical assessments
  • Stream gauging, flood assessments and reservoir yield studies

Environmental and approvals

  • Environmental assessment management
  • Planning advice and approvals
  • Statutory approvals
  • Groundwater/recharge modelling and yield analysis
  • Foundation design including treatment and improvement, consolidation and stability
  • Embankment zoning and slope stability analysis
  • Construction materials assessment and investigation
  • Numerical modelling (2D & 3D)
  • Vegetation reviews – Noxious weeds/ line of site/ programming/ sustainability
  • EIS assessment for rail corridors and facilities
  • Advice for landowner negotiations

Tender and construction phase services

  • Development of tender documentation including specifications, engineering cost estimates and construction programming
  • Construction phase project and technical management
  • Materials management and quality control
  • Public complaints and negotiations on behalf of client

Operational support

  • Asset management services (including asset condition below)
  • Asset valuations and condition assessments
  • Development of rail safety documentation including standing operating procedures, operation & maintenance manuals and emergency action plans
  • Infrastructure surveillance, instrumentation and monitoring
  • Rail safety assessment and safe working analysis
  • Operations and management. Including operational modelling
  • Plant and equipment registers and planning and costing

Condition assessments

  • Track condition assessment including Track recording, degradation and analysis
  • Civil (earthworks, pavements and drainage, structural) assessment
  • Hydrology assessment to determine floodway capacity
  • Overhead wiring assessment
  • Power systems assessment
  • Signalling assessment maintenance and upgrading advisory
  • Track stability management and planning
  • 2,5 and 10 year maintenance plans

Engineering assessments / Rehabilitation design

  • Upgrade of track due to damage or wear deterioration
  • Track realignment and efficiency (curve easing, etc.)
  • Structural upgrade to bridges and other structures
  • Drainage upgrades to improve flood mitigation
  • Geotechnical design to accommodate saturated embankments and cuttings
  • Wheel rail interface and dynamics
  • Lubrication strategy

Rail inspections and investigations

  • Failure impact assessments and hazard/consequence classification
  • Post-incident inspection and assessment
  • Risk assessment including quantitative and qualitative assessments, event trees, fault trees and consequence assessment for individual dams
  • Portfolio risk assessments
  • Owner’s Engineer and review panels
  • Site investigation and inquiries (independent and joint analysis)
  • Investigations and appraisals

Specialist technical advice across all disciplines including:

  • Permanent Way (Track)
  • Bridges and tunnel structures
  • Railway geotechnical - formation, cuttings, embankments
  • Rolling stock engineering
  • Operations and management including operational modelling
  • Asset & maintenance management including rail data management systems
  • Depots and maintenance facilities
  • Terminals, yards and stations
  • Railway safe working
  • Electrical- OHW /overhead line
  • Power - substations and traction
  • Signalling including commissioning
  • SCADA & wayside systems
  • Railway communications

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