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GHD structural engineers technically assess, plan and deliver highly functional, cost-efficient and elegant structures for our clients across all industries.

We have a strong reputation, a record of accomplishment in providing world-leading technical support and advice for all areas of structural design and assessment.

Demand for GHD’s services continues to grow as the company completes and advises on a number of significant structural projects for some of the world's tallest buildings, including Al-Bidaa Tower, Dubai Tower and the Doha Convention Center and Tower in the United Arab Emirates.

We have also worked on Federation Tower in Moscow, the award-winning Melbourne Mausoleum, sports complexes in China, energy projects in Chile and Australia, desalination plants in the USA, and several mining and industry projects in Australia, New Zealand and China.

The structures team promotes an open and positive involvement in the initial design process and prepares designs that are functional, economical and safe. GHD can deliver innovative, sustainable design solutions anywhere in the world using building information modeling and management software to achieve a macro design perspective.


We will help you achieve project success by:

  • Carefully selecting founding systems
  • Challenging design criteria
  • Innovating structural systems
  • Assessing construction methods
  • Project management
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