Wastewater Collection Systems

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Up to 70 percent of the total value of wastewater infrastructure can be invested in the collection systems.

GHD has the knowledge base and systems to tackle any wastewater transportation problem — for new systems or the upgrading of existing assets.

Having designed more than 1000 sewage pump stations and over 6000km of sewers, our industry professionals challenge conventional approaches to establish new cost-effective benchmarks.


  • Municipal Infrastructure and Planning
  • Integrated urban water management
  • Strategic planning
  • Network modelling
  • Gravity and vacuum sewerage schemes
  • Pump stations
  • Special structures
  • Project management
  • EPCM services
  • Overflow reduction
  • Infiltration and inflow
  • Sulphide control, minimisation and rehabilitation

91st Ave Treatment Plant

The 91st Avenue WWTP Chlorination Improvements project involved the replacement of a 120-ton bulk chlorine system with a system consisting of 32 one-ton chlorine cylinders.  The plant has a treatment capacity exceeding 180 mgd. The existing chlorination equipment and piping was replaced while the plant was in full and normal operating condition. The plant’s treated effluent is used at the Tres Rios Wetlands and as cooling water for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

The project also involved the development and coordination of the Maintenance of Plant Operation (MOPO) procedures. The chlorination of the plant effluent had to be maintained at all times during construction. The project also included building structural, electrical, and HVAC modifications. The equipment installed included the following:

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Sewage station upgrade meets future demand


The regional Municipality of York in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area (GTA) looked at practical measures to cope with an expected population increase, and sought to boost its sewage system to cope until the year 2051.

To meet this requirement, GHD provided assessment and design services to increase the capacity of the Leslie Street pumping station by more than 45 percent, with an additional increase of another 50 percent for the near future.

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Town of Westport Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade, Westport, Connecticut USA


GHD has provided wastewater facilities planning services and designed the recommended improvements to expand and upgrade Westport’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). The award winning design required creative facilities layout and phasing of construction to allow construction on a very limited site, and provides enhanced nitrogen removal to help restore Long Island Sound.

As part of our engagement, we performed a detailed evaluation of the unsewered areas, identified the areas in need of sewers, and defined the limits of the future sewer service area. Future sewer flows were projected, which required a doubling of capacity and upgrade of the WPCF.

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Washington Suburban Asset Management (Md, USA)


The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) appointed GHD to lead the provision of asset management services in support of master planning and enterprise resource planning initiatives.

WSSC is the eighth largest water and wastewater utility in the USA, owning USD$12 billion of infrastructure assets. While instituting a range of short-term measures to combat the increasing incidence of water main breaks and leaks, WSSC is also taking a long-range strategic approach to address the growing challenge of ageing infrastructure.

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Wastewater Modeling, Scottsdale AZ

As part of the City of Scottsdale’s broader water optimization program, the city turned to GHD to update its wastewater model. The objective was to reflect recent billing data and flow metering results as well as updated development plans and capital improvement projects.

GHD has a long history with the city, having designed more than 50 water projects within the region.

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