Water Transmission & Distribution

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With more than 75 years' experience in water supply planning, design, project management and operation, we have established a formidable knowledge base.

We share a strong commitment to working in partnership with you. That way, you can fully understand how your water systems work. Our engineers, scientists and ecologists address sustainability, water loss reduction and water efficiency improvements.


  • Municipal Infrastructure and Planning
  • Sustainable water resource management and integrated urban water management
  • Drought response planning for the crucial planning, management and sustainable use of water
  • Water pipelines, using an impressive set of analytical and design tools to deliver over 3100 mi of pipelines (4 in to over 120 in in diameter) in myriad terrains and pressure conditions
  • Pumping stations, including delivery of more than 500 pump stations designed with flows from 1 to over 10,560 gallons per second and lifts of more than 1090 yd and challenging complexity through advanced electrical and mechanical technology
  • Balance storages in varying sizes, shapes and construction materials (concrete, steel, membranes), including ground level storage, elevated towers, standpipe storage and turkey’s nest storage
  • Network planning for the implementation and expansion of reticulation networks
  • Water hammer analysis
  • Water intakes, including design of still-water dam intakes, run-of-river intakes in mountain streams and river-bed intakes
  • Groundwater, including solutions to all groundwater abstraction problems, yield assessments, bore development and borehole pumping and treatment
  • Leaks, utilizing capability in leak detection and control strategies, latest detection equipment and total life cycle solutions
  • Rehabilitation, through trenchless technology group solutions for rehabilitation/replacement of existing water mains
  • Project management and EPCM services 
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