Waterways & Coastal

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Our waterways and coastal capability is an integral part of our service. We were involved in the water industry when the company started in 1928 and the skills of our staff have continued to grow as the company has expanded and diversified.

We provide leading technical support for the study and management of all forms of waterways, including rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas.

GHD’s Waterways & Coastal offering service line covers background and baseline studies, strategic and planning studies, and impact assessments. We can work with you on all stages of the feasibility and design process through to the supervision of construction projects with respect to waterways and developments affecting waterways.

We focus on the interactions between the natural, built and social environments. Our work stretches across the globe, meaning you can benefit from experience in the urban, industrial, mining, agricultural, rural and environmental sectors.


  • Background and baseline studies
  • Strategic and planning studies
  • Impact assessments
  • Feasibility and design
  • Stormwater and flood management
  • Wetlands and waterways design and management
  • Coastal and estuarine processes
  • Water quality and catchment management
  • Water resources, climate change and drought management advice
  • Construction supervision
  • Integrated surface and groundwater modeling
  • Modeling
  • Storm tide
  • EPCM services
  • Project management
GHD Library

The GHD library is a collection of relevant resources to this service line.