Virtual Augemented Reality

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GHD is delighted to welcome VR Space to our global team as we combine digital technology with our engineering, architecture and environmental capabilities to create additional value for clients and the community.

Phil Duthie, General Manager, Australia comments “VR Space’s capability presents a real step change in GHD’s offering to clients. I am thrilled to have them on board and encourage our clients to explore how virtual reality can enhance their assets and projects.”

GHD can now develop virtual reality, visualisation and simulation solutions, creating innovative, visually rich environments for planning, training and operational outcomes. We are focused on delivering added value to owners and operators of critical infrastructure customers, providing real-time incident response training and advanced infrastructure visualisation.

Our capability now also includes a unique depth of display system integration, offering 3D stereoscopic and immersive multichannel display system solutions and components. Services include:

  • Simulated Training
    • Focused on improving human capability, competency and responsiveness by employing experiential training methodologies to optimise learning and behaviour.
  • Advanced Infrastructure Visualisation Systems
    • Focused on improving productivity and operational communications using virtual environments to understand and comprehend complex design and operational data.
  • Immersive display systems
    • Video / introduction

Learn more via case studies and videos.

For more information about GHD’s virtual reality, visualisation and simulation solutions, please contact:

Eric Bugeja
T: +61 2 8898 8825
E: Eric Bugeja

Jayson Wockner-Pace
T: +61 7 3316 3322
E: Jayson Wockner-Pace

Mining simulation

Training simulation

Property & Buildings simulation

Transport simulation

Simulated training systems

Our Virtual Space simulated training system provides a step change training technology and methodology to critical infrastructure and public safety customers. Our team can advise and provide virtual immersive, experiential training solutions for:

  • Incident command
  • Emergency response
  • Rescue
  • Accident investigation
  • Site inductions
  • Safety awareness
  • Risk assessment
  • Procedural
  • Maintenance

As part of our Simulation Capability Development Program , GHD can review your training curriculum and advise where virtual/simulated training can add qualitative value and reduce the cost of training delivery.

The program includes:

  • Curriculum review - simulation application optimisation
  • Training methodology development and course alignment
  • Immersive display system design, installation and support
  • Virtual Space – real-time role play training platform
  • 3D infrastructure modelling
  • Asset, equipment and workforce customisation
  • Trainer training
  • Ongoing trainer support

Advanced visualisation systems

Our Virtual Space advanced visualisation platform provides a central visual database for critical infrastructure customers to leverage interactive graphics technology to improve productivity and operational communication. Our team can advise and provide interactive visualisation solutions for:

  • Stakeholder communication
  • Design review and communication
  • Data layering & interpretation
  • Live data connection
  • Operational/situational awareness
  • Safety and security design
  • Risk assessment and permitting
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Asset tracking and optimisation.

Ask us about our Visualisation capability Development Program

GHD can review your operations opportunity to implement advanced visualisation technology to optimise productivity and operational communication.

This program includes:

  • Engineering and data communication review – where can visualisation technology help?
  • Pilot project scoping
  • 3D infrastructure modelling – from engineering to visual database
  • Immersive display system design, installation and support
  • Virtual Space – advanced visualisation delivery platform
  • User training
  • Ongoing trainer support

Immersive display systems

The GHD team can provide state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality technology systems and facilities to support next generation of advanced visualisation and simulated applications.

Large or small systems, our team can provide design, installation and support services for:

  • Curved and spherical section displays
  • Projection systems
  • Graphics clusters and image generators
  • Network infrastructure
  • Spatial audio
  • Stereoscopic and interaction peripherals
  • Head mounted displays

We have successfully delivered VR systems for:

  • Queensland Police Academy
  • Queensland Fire & Emergency Services Academy
  • University of Queensland
  • Macquarie University
  • Simtars
  • Queensland Mines Rescue Service