The Shift

In this report, we provide a roadmap for reducing emissions in the transport sector across North America with practical steps to support your fleet decarbonization journey

In this report, we provide a roadmap for reducing emissions in the transport sector across North America with practical steps to support your fleet decarbonization journey. Discover “The Shift” accelerating the world towards a decarbonized future. 

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As the world works to combat climate change, Canada and the United States have a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Fleet decarbonization enables action towards reducing emissions to help reach the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. 

What’s inside?

Our report includes insights from lessons learned, the benefits and a comprehensive practical roadmap for fleet decarbonization. 

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Get actionable insights on: 

Why sustainable transportation is non-negotiable: Discover why sustainable transportation solutions are no longer just an option, but an imperative.

Guiding decarbonization through experience: Learn how insights from past experiences can lead GHD and our clients to a successful decarbonization journey.

Health benefits of sustainable choices: Explore the positive impacts of zero-emission vehicles. 

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Profitability meets sustainability: Understand how transitioning to decarbonized fleets reveals a harmonious link between sustainability and financial gains.

Calling all stakeholders: Fleet decarbonization extends to a broader scale, encompassing industries, governments, and stakeholders worldwide.

Closing the technology gap: Technological advancements and the increasing affordability of electric cars are bringing rate parity closer to reality.

Be part of history in the making: We are witnessing a remarkable transformation in the emergence of a diverse range of zero-emission solutions that cater to the specific demands of various fleet types.

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Roadmap to success

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Transitioning to a decarbonized fleet requires a comprehensive roadmap; covering planning, real-world testing, implementation and optimization and sustainment. Fleet decarbonization is a multifaceted journey with many essential pit stops. Having a comprehensive roadmap can help to ensure the pivot is successful.

Removing the guesswork

Using GHD ZEVO™ ensures an organization’s decarbonization goals can be prompt and cost-effective. This new innovative tool can achieve a brighter and more environmentally responsible future.

We must prioritize zero emissions goals and support the global energy transition. Collaborating and embracing technology-driven solutions can accelerate decarbonization, significantly mitigating climate change. We invite companies and communities to optimize their fleets, monitor usage, and invest in ZEV-friendly infrastructure. Take the first step towards a zero-emission future. Explore fleet decarbonization with us today.

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Identifying better ways of living, working and doing business through lowering fossil-fuel producing GHG emissions is a high priority for forward-thinking organizations. Leaders who address decarbonization beyond just policy and compliance are the ones who will adapt and thrive in a net zero world. An effective strategy should take a holistic approach, embedding mitigating programs into your plan and adapting your organizational model towards a low-carbon economy.”
Greg Carli Global Advisory Leader – ESG, Sustainability and Resilience, GHD Advisory
GHD ZEVO, our nimble solution, combines an innovative tool with our expertise to create tailor-made decarbonization pathways for our clients. It’s about defining problems and executing solutions that lead to a sustainable future.”
Rippan Bhattacharjee, Fleet Decarbonization Leader
Energy transition technologies are playing an integral part with decarbonizing the transport sector. Sustainable fuels offer a fitting solution, especially for fleets that may not be ready to fully electrify. ZEVO is empowering fleet owners to evaluate which technologies are right for their business and communities now, and in the future.”
Marie-France Gravelle, GHD Future Energy Leader in Canada

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