17 Mile Drive-Holman Highway 68-Highway 1 Roundabout Intersection ICE, Monterey, California, USA

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As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD prepared a roundabout solution to improve the intersection of SR 68/SR 1 including access to 17 Mile Drive.

Existing delays at the location including various intersections operating at Level of Service (LOS) “D” and “F” during certain peak hours were becoming unsustainable and all intersections except SR 68/CHOMP were predicted to reach a LOS "F" by the year 2035. This meant that the EB approach on SR 68 during morning peak will have queues of 42 vehicles with similar queuing for the EB and WB approach during PM peak after 2025. In order to mitigate this, we prepared a transportation operations study to support the ICE process and presented the results of conceptual alternatives.

Along the coast in the Monterey Peninsula, we prepared plans for a roundabout solution for the SR 68 and SR 1 intersection. The location serves as a gateway for the communities of Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, as well as the famous 17 Mile Drive. Our team worked with a community partnership including the City of Monterey, Caltrans, the Pebble Beach Company, and Monterey County, to improve the intersection at SR 68 and SR 1 including the access to 17 Mile Drive.

The end result is a solution that addresses all of the unique characteristics of the area. Reduced idling times for travelers due to eliminating traffic signals and stop signs will improve traffic flow and reduce GHG Emissions, providing an environmentally friendly improvement in an area prized for its natural environment. The clearly marked approaches into and out of the roundabout will allow the many visitors to the area to easily navigate to any of the several tourist destinations served by this access point.

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