3.0 MG Water Storage Tank, Mohawk Valley Water Authority, USA

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The Marcy Reservoir is an uncovered finished water reservoir with a capacity of 15 million gallons (MG), owned and operated by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA). The reservoir is located along the primary transmission route extending from MVWA’s Water Treatment Plant to the distribution system.

The Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR) requires that uncovered finished drinking water reservoirs either be covered, replaced with covered storage, or undergo additional treatment. MVWA decided to replace the Marcy Reservoir with a covered storage tank. The new water storage tank will also provide improved regulation of pressures within intermediate low service zones of their system and improved corrosion control within the distribution system.

GHD was retained to provide professional engineering services for design, construction and start up of a 3.0 MG water storage tank and pressure regulating facility to replace the existing reservoir. The tank is an AWWA D110 Type 3 pre-stressed concrete tank; which is 120 feet in diameter and 35-foot high.

The pressure regulating facility controls the downstream system pressure with three pressure reducing valves (PRVs). A 16 and a 24-inch PRV provide regulation of high and low flows. An additional 16-inch PRV provides uninterrupted flow if a PRV is offline for servicing.

The tank can receive a peak flow of 32 million gallons per day from the water treatment plant through parallel 24- and 36-inch transmission mains. 42-inch diameter ductile iron piping will be used for supply and discharge for the tank and pressure reducing facility to balance material cost with hydraulic capacity.

The existing reservoir will be retained for emergency storage. A water recirculation and treatment system will be provided to maintain water quality in the reservoir.



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