Advanced Biodiversity Offsetting, Seqwater

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GHD was invited by Seqwater in Queensland to assist in identifying financial and environmental benefits that could be obtained by using parts of their estate as advanced environmental offsets.

Seqwater provides water storage, transport and treatment services and owns large estates surrounding dams in southeast Queensland.

GHD engaged in identifying and prioritising advanced offset opportunities across numerous Seqwater estates including Wivenhoe, North Pine and Ewen Maddock Dams. This involved a desktop assessment to streamline the field assessment process by identifying potential offset sites that represent best ‘bang for buck’.

We then undertook a series of targeted field surveys to assess biodiversity offset values and provide data in a format that can be used to register land parcels on the Government’s advanced offsets database.

GHD has identified large land areas that offer the potential for lasting environmental value as registered offsets for actions undertaken by Seqwater or third-parties. The advanced offsets provide potential financial benefits to Seqwater, through financial payments from a third party in support of land management actions.