United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)

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Established in 1976, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in the United Arab Emirates is being redeveloped to reflect the country’s growing higher education needs.

GHD is providing structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering design services, as well as building fire services and IT communication services, for the AUD$500 million project. The campus will have a built-up area of almost 292,000sq m across 350ha and will accommodate up to 18,000 students.

The project comprises the design of 46 new buildings, including 10 five-storey female residences, three female and three male sports and village buildings, six female and four male academic buildings, 6 four-storey shared laboratories and a six-storey administrative building in the shape of a crescent.

GHD’s project manager Kevin Brennan explains, "The project will consolidate the existing university buildings into one site, with the design encouraging increased student interaction and providing them with a vibrant campus environment.”

To meet the fast-track schedule, GHD committed more then 250 staff from 12 GHD offices in Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to work on the project.


Social Infrastructure


The provision of adequate social infrastructure is fundamental to ensuring people are safe, healthy and productive in the community. Increasingly sophisticated research demonstrates the critical link between economic sustainability and investment in law and order, education, healthcare, culture, recreation, housing and communications infrastructure.

GHD's approach to the successful delivery of social infrastructure includes the development of a detailed understanding of the complex needs of communities, careful planning and the seamless integration of a range of services.

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