Lease and Asset Management Plans, Port of Brisbane

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As part of our long-term association with the Port of Brisbane (PoB), GHD reviewed the current lease agreements and identified organisations responsible for capital and operational expenditure (CAPEX and OPEX) on port properties. For each leased property, we conducted a site audit, carried out a condition assessment, and calculated a 10-year forward financial plan.

As a result of our work, the PoB can now communicate more effectively with lease holders on matters relating to ongoing preventative maintenance. The asset management plan costing spreadsheet we have produced allows the PoB Facilities Manager to run scenarios and update asset conditions (as rectification works are finished), to ensure accuracy of the 10-year financial forecast.


Lease Management

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Prolong the physical life of PoB buildings and its components
  • Maximise tenant compliance
  • Assist in evaluating capital expenditure budgeting
  • Provide a framework for risk management of leased areas
  • Help monitor the performance of their assets
  • Assist the PoB Board in achieving corporate governance

Asset Management

  • Improved understanding of service level options, costs and risks
  • Improved decision making based on having a better understanding of the benefits and cost of alternatives
  • Enhanced communications with lease holders and ability funding requirements
  • Demonstrable responsible ownership of assets
  • Better understanding of future funding requirements
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with legislation

Asset & Facilities Management


For more than 30 years, GHD’s asset management professionals have played a leading role in developing improved working practices for utility, transport and infrastructure stakeholders.  We work closely with you to deliver the finest practice management solutions.   

Our service offering revolves around 5 key areas of infrastructure management:

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