Brisbane Airport Runway 01 19 Overlay

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Brisbane Airport Corporation required a maintenance resurfacing of runway 01/19 at Brisbane Airport, and engaged GHD to provide design consultancy services and technical advice during the construction phase. Brisbane Airport is one of the busiest single runway airports in the world and construction timeframes are limited, which presented some unique challenges.

There were two stages to the project: the first being the runway ends (resurfaced in 2013) followed by the central portion of the runway (resurfaced in 2016). The second stage of the project also included the relocation of the primary runway aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) infrastructure. The asphalt overlay and associated aeronautical ground lighting upgrade were critical to maintaining safe operations and connectivity globally.

Construction took place during a period of five-hour shifts every night between March and September 2016 to limit the impact and disruption on normal airport operations.

During the design development of the project, GHD worked closely with Brisbane Airport Corporation to refine the scope and introduce innovation to reduce the risk of disruptions to airport operations during construction. For example, GHD initiated and designed an innovative airport binder test program, in collaboration with the airport, to determine which binder was most suitable for use in the stage two construction.

During the project, installation of 40,000 tonnes of asphalt, 35 km of conduits, more than 150 km of electrical cable, 835 pits and more than 1200 runway lights were installed in less than 800 hours of working time.

Completion of the works in October 2016, ahead of the peak holiday travel season, met the airport’s objectives for the maintenance project.



In addition to enhancing the way assets are managed, a new holistic approach to delivering integrated aviation services is needed to improve operational performance, commercial opportunities and returns to stakeholders. As the global industry evolves in response to economic, environmental and social drivers, it has never been more critical to deliver effective services and achieve maximum benefit on capital investment.

To address these challenges, GHD’s aviation solutions provides services underpinned by integrated transport strategies and aviation business knowledge. Our people combine technical skill with an intimate understanding of the aviation industry to address challenges.

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