CCTV review of Christchurch pipe network

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Major earthquake damage to Christchurch waste and stormwater pipe networks led to the largest pipe assessment program works undertaken in New Zealand. 

After extensive damage to the Christchurch waste and stormwater pipe networks following the earthquake sequence beginning in September 2010, a team of reviewers was required to examine post-earthquake Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage. This data has allowed the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) and City Care Limited (CCL) to commence an informed and strategic rebuild of the horizontal infrastructure across the city.

We provided a team of 24 reviewers from New Zealand and Manila, filling key positions to leverage time and allow CCL to be in a position to recruit and fill positions directly.

The CCTV project evolved from a reactionary earthquake operation into a multifaceted business using CCTV, wastewater and stormwater cleaning, waste management and IT Management. GHD’s contribution of manpower and specialised training in this crucial aspect of the earthquake response assisted CCL in developing and maintaining the extensive CCTV review operation. The systems and capabilities established by CCL with the help of GHD can be used worldwide for quality assured pipe condition assessment.

Working alongside the client has provided a vast improvement of living conditions to many communities, and the sense of ‘getting back to normal’. The reduction of leakage and overflow from waste and stormwater pipes is important for Christchurch’s environment, with a reduction in pollution of local streams, and importantly the Avon and Heathcote Rivers, and estuary.

The GHD team enabled a sizeable increase, in terms of output, of CCTV assessment and survey, in parallel with marked increases in quality and standardisation of assessments. This enabled the designers at SCIRT to have the confidence to design based of the reviewers coding.

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