Coastal hazard adaptation strategy (CHAS) study

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GHD was commissioned to undertake this pilot project to demonstrate how Queensland’s coastal councils can better prepare coastal communities for the impacts of projected sea level rise, storm tide and beach erosion risks associated with long-term climate change. This comprehensive study incorporated hazard assessment, vulnerability mapping, quantitative impact analyses, scenario development, planning strategies, multi-criteria and benefit-cost analyses of a wide range of adaptation options between the present and the year 2100. Funding was provided by the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency’s Coastal Adaptation Pathways Program. The Griffith University Centre for Coastal Management assisted GHD with some aspects of the project.

The results show that parts of the City of Townsville and surrounding coastal communities are under significant threat from coastal hazards over the 88 year study period (2012-2100) and that the optimum timing for some adaption measures will be within the next 30 years. This study represents the first step in identifying potential practical coastal adaptation strategies to respond to existing and future threats from coastal hazards in the region; these being categorized nominally as either Defend, Retreat or Accommodate.

Climate Change


GHD’s approach is to deliver integrated services in the key areas of hazards assessment, mitigation, adaptation, energy efficiency and trading and carbon offsets. Our teams work with organisations to identify and understand both the strategic risk and opportunity presented by possible long-term global impacts.

We understand the importance of taking early action and positioning organisations to manage and respond to potential future changes in climate. Our people, made up of engineers, applied scientists, risk professionals, modellers, economists and social strategists deliver comprehensive climate risk, energy and greenhouse gas management services to enable efficient and sustainable business practices.

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We take the time to understand your needs and requirements, providing unique, innovative and robust solutions. Our team of industry leaders have a breadth of experience in coastal engineering, small craft facilities and ports. We can assist with the full spectrum of maritime and coastal infrastructure developments, upgrades or refurbishments.


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