Codelco Mining power plant

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GHD completed a study of operational and maintenance services on high and medium voltage electrical assets of the Andina mine facilities.

Located 3000 m above sea level, the Andina mine draws its energy from the national power grid via more than 100 km of transmission lines and 10 main power substations.

"The challenges of the geographic terrain combined with weather patterns impact the mine’s internal power network," explains Eduardo Valenzuela, GHD’s Project Manager. "As power is the lifeblood of any mine, improving its safety and reliability is essential."

As part of this project, GHD is undertaking an audit of the organisational structure including Codelco employees and the external contractors in charge of construction and maintenance activities.

"We are also developing maintenance plans of the electrical grid and associated patterns of the power network with a view to reformulating existing plans," explains Eduardo. "Plus, we are creating a critical equipment and spare parts list of the power network that comprises the transmission, transformation and distribution networks."

Due for completion in August 2012, the study will enable Codelco to update its maintenance practices to boost operational efficiencies and mitigate safety risks.

"When it comes to O&M, we want to be as agile and responsive as we can be," explains Carlos Sottolichio, Codelco's Project Manager. “This project will give us the insight we need to streamline our O&M organisation to reduce downtime and improve service recovery. In turn, this will allow us to enhance the mine’s performance."