Connected Communities - Moree, Walgett and Brewarrina

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As part of the Connected Communities program, the NSW Department of Education required the design and construction of a number of schools in regional communities that have high numbers of Aboriginal students. The department engaged GHD to manage the design and construction of three schools in Moree, Walgett and Brewarrina.

Through consultation with the local communities, GHD designed the schools to accommodate the cultural needs of the students and the broader community.

This included incorporating open community spaces and large glass doors that help Aboriginal children stay connected to the outdoors and country. Walgett Community College boasts a new multimedia and performing arts room, which has glazed doors that open to create an outdoor performance space.

Community spaces at the schools are used by Aboriginal health services and other groups, such as women’s and men’s groups, which helps to address social issues and achieve positive social impact in these regional communities.

GHD worked with the communities and the department to incorporate innovative design elements that would not only fulfil the needs of the students and the community, but also provide a template for the design and construction of future education and public facilities within the Connected Communities program.

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