Curtin Medical School

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Curtin University in Western Australia engaged GHD to assist in the design of the state’s third medical school at the university.

In establishing the school, Curtin University has committed to providing outstanding learning facilities for delivering leading contemporary education, focusing on Indigenous, primary care and regional health.

GHD has designed the Curtin Medical School building to place learning on display, incorporating flexibility and adaptability in an adventurous and exciting way. The building provides a multitude of classroom types, catering for formal and clinical teaching with opportunities throughout for casual informal learning.

From the initiation of the project, GHD facilitated extensive stakeholder engagement and a thorough review of the project brief. Client amendments modified the design requirements throughout the project, including the construction phase.

With extremely tight deadlines and providing full design services, GHD incorporated these changes without adverse impact on the budget or program.

During the design and documentation of Curtin Medical School, GHD worked collaboratively with Curtin University to deliver a thought-provoking and daring building. The building is the physical manifestation of Curtin’s vision to be at the forefront of education.



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