Ellerslie Highway Widening and Train Station Upgrade

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GHD future proofed a critical motorway corridor through enhancing its surrounding train station, infrastructure and land.

GHD was engaged by the New Zealand Transport Agency, along with project partners, Auckland Transport, KiwiRail, URS NZ Limited and Fulton Hogan, to add an additional northbound lane on SH1 between Ellerslie Highway and the Main Highway Overbridge.

However, it was apparent that the proposed motorway widening would require rail land; significantly impacting on the operation, infrastructure and land associated with the Ellerslie Train Station.

To overcome this, the team adopted a two stage approach. The first stage allowed NZ Transport Agency to future proof the required corridor for motorway widening, while the second stage minimised the impact to both rail operations and infrastructure when the actual motorway widening was carried out.

The project elements delivered include major service relocations, modifications to the Ellerslie Train Station platform (narrowing, lengthening and platform furniture), integrated lighting and electrification gantries, modifications to existing and new pedestrian footbridge, lifts and associated structures, as well as track formation and slew and statutory approvals.

Auckland’s SH1 southern motorway at the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway Interchange is considered a critical bottleneck in the city’s network. To rectify this, the NZTA identified the need for an additional northbound lane between Ellerslie and the Main Highway Overbridge.

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