Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary Wetland Design

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We have placed a key role in the reconstruction of the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary, one of the largest wetland rehabilitation projects of its kind ever undertaken in Western Australia.

The deteriorating manmade wetland was experiencing poor water quality in both the wetland and the adjacent Bayswater Brook. This in turn was impacting bird numbers, water quality of the Swan River and public amenities.

To remediate this, GHD designed a solution to divert water from Bayswater Brook into the reconstructed wetland, which passively treats the water over 25,000 m2 and reduces pollutants flowing into the Swan River. It is expected to prevent 1.35 t of nitrogen, 200 kg of phosphorous, and around 40 t of sediment and other rubbish from entering the river.

Through a series of ponds, control weirs and vegetated treatment zones, the rehabilitated wetland has improved water quality, and associated landscaping and civil works for public access and amenities. It is also providing improvements to habitat for key avian species.

The project was awarded the 2016 Engineering Excellence Award in the Environment category.

Engaged by the City of Bayswater, GHD was the principal designer and construction supervisor with WBHO Civil performing the construction works.

Aquatic Sciences


Our reliance on the ecosystem services provided by marine, freshwater and estuarine environments demands a proactive approach to our sustainable use of these assets.

Our aquatic sciences services integrate scientific knowledge with  engineering and economic services to provide innovative, cost-effective  management solutions.

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With you, our hydrogeologists work alongside our engineers, environmental consultants, planners, surveyors and GIS consultants to arrive at integrated solutions.

GHD has global hydrogeological experience in groundwater resource assessment, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), mine dewatering, aquifer depressurisation, groundwater management and environmental assessment, salinity, acid sulfate soils (ASS) and acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD).

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Natural Resources


Our scientists, ecologists, analysts and resource economists design robust, cost effective and scientifically based natural resource management (NRM) solutions. We work with water authorities, local government, land management agencies, planning authorities, legal firms, urban developers, NRM and agri-businesses, traditional owners corporations, and companies planning infrastructure projects (such as dams, irrigation, agricultural enterprises, wind farms, and mining and energy provision). We’re known for our practical, solution-based approach to ecologically sustainable development.

By working with GHD, you can draw on our skill in ecological, natural resource and agricultural impact assessment, restoration, biosecurity and landscape planning, resource economic analysis, constraints mapping and geographic spatial analysis and community engagement, and capacity building to deliver practical and value-added management outcomes.

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Waterways & Coastal


Today, GHD has one of Australia’s largest groups of dedicated water management professionals. We provide leading technical support for the study and management of all forms of waterways, including rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas.

GHD’s Waterways & Coastal offering service line covers background and baseline studies, strategic and planning studies, and impact assessments. We can work with you on all stages of the feasibility and design process through to the supervision of construction projects with respect to waterways and developments affecting waterways.

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