Fisherman's Bend Buffer Assessment, Places Victoria

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GHD was invited by the Victorian Government to prepare a Buffer Assessment Report that presents a suitable approach to the separation of emissions from existing or newly proposed industry and the encroachment of these areas by sensitive uses (and vice versa) as part of the urban renewal development at Fisherman’s Bend (FBURA).

Buffer constraints were assessed using the recently revised separation distance guidelines issued by EPA. It identified industries that had a history of off-site impact as well as those that were in transition to other, less constrained localities.

Major hazard facilities outside the area were assessed to determine whether safety separation considerations posed constraints. Specific desktop assessments for dust, odour, noise and lighting were conducted to determine the significant potential constraints to the FBURA development.

Finally potential risks to the future development of the area were identified along with mitigation measures to minimise future land use conflicts and key recommendations for the future.

GHD took into account:

  • Existing weather patterns in the area and the effect these may have on odour and dust emissions
  • State and local statutory requirements (including the recently released Draft Guideline on Recommended Separation Distances for Industrial Residual Emissions)
  • the proposed port development at Webb Dock and the potential impacts of FBURA on the port operation
  • FBURA’s transition from industrial land to residential uses and the likely impacts of short term non-compatible uses
  • amenity perceptions as well as measurable amenity impacts including design solutions in responding to buffer considerations

GHD identified potential mitigation measures that may be appropriate, including compatible/complementary land uses as well as future planning scheme requirements and potential measures that may be relevant during the transition phase of development.

For more information on Fisherman’s Bend, click here.

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