Gateway WA Western Australia Road Project Roads and Bridge Design

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The Gateway WA project is an AUD1 billion road infrastructure project that was developed to improve the uninterrupted movement of traffic in the vicinity of the airport. It is a vital link to move freight around the city.

The client brief called for a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing innovative design. The geometric design was severely constrained by height limitation due to aviation operations, high groundwater levels, sensitive wet lands and a restricted site. The project achieved an Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) IS Rating of Excellent.

Landscape and bridge architecture helped created a visually appealing ‘Gateway to Perth’ with public art representing the Indigenous cultural diversity and landscapes of Western Australia.

Close collaboration in the design process was achieved through alliance contracting between the client, design teams, stakeholders and constructors. Innovations in bridge design included a top down bridge construction, the first single point interchange on top of a bridge in the state, and innovative pavement and lighting designs

The bridge designs used t-roff beams with continuous slabs reducing the depth and cost of the construction. GHD has further developed the concept leading to a continuous t-roff and slab design leading to further savings.

The project has won a number of awards for technical excellence and represents a new standard in road engineering in Western Australia.

Pavement Engineering


Your single most valuable asset is arguably the pavement system within your network. We understand that pavements are subjected to static and dynamic loads as well as exposure to the elements; only sound engineering judgment, informed by experienced and qualified staff, can provide cost concious and appropriate solutions to your pavement challenges.

We demonstrate an innovative, sustainable approach through our relationships with research centres of excellence at Delft (Holland) Wisconsin (USA) Stellenbosch (South Africa) Transit New Zealand UWA (Western Australia) and ARRB (Australia).

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Road Systems


For more than 50 years, we have delivered innovative road systems including rehabilitation, expansion and development of new highways, complex interchanges, toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Our planners and engineers provide integrated services to plan, design, construct, maintain and manage all aspects of the road corridor life cycle.

From planning and procurement through to feasibility and investigation, and design, construction, delivery and maintenance, our clients enjoy bespoke solutions for roads that incorporate masterplanning, funding and economic analysis, transport planning, asset management, environmental management, risk management and more.

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