Heathrow Express Ltd

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GHD assessed the overall level of asset management across Heathrow Express, which owns and operates the high speed rail service from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport. Its mission is to get passengers to their destination safely and on time.

Using the TEAMQF-3g© Assessment Framework a team of GHD consultants carried out a detailed assessment of the organisation in order to establish its overall level of asset management maturity across its engineering, operations, commercial and safety & assurance functions. This holistic assessment considered business functions in relation to:

  • Determination of the 'Line of Sight' from Strategy & Policy throughout all business processes and procedures
  • Review of asset monitoring arrangements
  • Consideration of the management systems including people & organisation, data & information and technology.

A key output of the assessment was the development of a strategic roadmap in order to identify programmes needed to help the organisation to not only optimise its asset management system and its operation, but also to meet organisational and stakeholder objectives and expectations.

Work is currently under way to develop processes and procedures identified within the context of the road map and align with other ongoing initiatives.