Ilugin Flood Study, Manila Water Company, Inc.

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GHD was commissioned by Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWCI) to analyse the effects of their proposed 165 MLD Ilugin Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) effluent flow system on the floods in the heavily populated neighbouring areas in Metro Manila. GHD’s team formulated rainfall-runoff models and hydraulic models, which allowed for the development and testing of flood mitigation measures and upgrades and the existing flood management systems.

Aquatic Sciences


Our reliance on the ecosystem services provided by marine, freshwater and estuarine environments demands a proactive approach to our sustainable use of these assets.

Our aquatic sciences services integrate scientific knowledge with  engineering and economic services to provide innovative, cost-effective  management solutions.

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As the world’s population grows and our standards of living improve so does our need to manage the water in our environment. We need to maximise its application for human well-being and minimise impact on the environment. GHD engineers, scientists and planners can provide sustainable, cost-effective and innovative water solutions.  We assist water utilities and others who provide water services to optimise infrastructure and adapt to environmental changes in ways that balance the needs of our communities. And we enable clients to meet compliance, improve profitability and maintain their commitment to sustainability.

GHD continually expands the boundaries by engaging in research, enhancing existing systems and strategies, evaluating new procedures and transferring technology from other industries into the water industry. We work with our clients through all project stages planning, investigation, design, delivery, operation and renewal.

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