Development of in-service code of practice for non-urban water meters

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GHD was commissioned by the Australian Government to develop a code of practice for non-urban water meters as part of Australian Technical Standard ATS 4747 – Meters for Non-Urban Water Supply.

Development of the code was based on a meteorological assurance system to define how in-service compliance requirements fit within the overall metering lifecycle and legislative requirements.

The usual time period required to develop a code of practice was shortened considerably in order to meet Australian legislative schedules. The code of practice incorporates aspects relating to ownership, meter selection verification, meter installation verification, installation, validation, maintenance auditing and reporting.

Outcomes include the development of the codes of practice ATS 4747 parts eight and nine.

Water Efficiency


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We’ll work with you to address all aspects of water loss reduction and water system efficiency improvements. Water loss reduction from potable water distribution systems and demand reduction is a proven area of water conservation.

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