Innovative Taxilane Pavement Rehabilitation, Perth International Airport

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GHD was appointed to investigate pavement distress on a Taxilane and provide an innovative pavement design solution that would address the weak subgrade, reduce the disruption to a minimum and provide ease of construction.

The high ground water level and very weak subgrade would be challenging to address within the period. Standard pavement design options were considered but subsequently rejected by the client.

Our team proposed a composite pavement comprising mass concrete in the lower half of the pavement with hot mix asphalt in the upper half, using specialist binders for the structural asphalt and the wearing course. The pavement design avoided disturbance of the subgrade and avoiding work below the ground water level.

The project was constructed with very few technical queries and was delivered on time and on budget.

As a result of the quality output, this design will now be used in other areas of the airfield.

The project was carried out in collaboration with GHD’s Pavements, Aviation, Materials and Geotechnical teams along with the Engineering Survey Group.



In addition to enhancing the way assets are managed, a new holistic approach to delivering integrated aviation services is needed to improve operational performance, commercial opportunities and returns to stakeholders. As the global industry evolves in response to economic, environmental and social drivers, it has never been more critical to deliver effective services and achieve maximum benefit on capital investment.

To address these challenges, GHD’s aviation solutions provides services underpinned by integrated transport strategies and aviation business knowledge. Our people combine technical skill with an intimate understanding of the aviation industry to address challenges.

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Pavement Engineering


Your single most valuable asset is arguably the pavement system within your network. We understand that pavements are subjected to static and dynamic loads as well as exposure to the elements; only sound engineering judgment, informed by experienced and qualified staff, can provide cost concious and appropriate solutions to your pavement challenges.

We demonstrate an innovative, sustainable approach through our relationships with research centres of excellence at Delft (Holland) Wisconsin (USA) Stellenbosch (South Africa) Transit New Zealand UWA (Western Australia) and ARRB (Australia).

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Road Systems


For more than 50 years, we have delivered innovative road systems including rehabilitation, expansion and development of new highways, complex interchanges, toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Our planners and engineers provide integrated services to plan, design, construct, maintain and manage all aspects of the road corridor life cycle.

From planning and procurement through to feasibility and investigation, and design, construction, delivery and maintenance, our clients enjoy bespoke solutions for roads that incorporate masterplanning, funding and economic analysis, transport planning, asset management, environmental management, risk management and more.

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