Lamb export processing plant

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A new high-capacity lamb processing plant at Punta Arenas in remote Patagonia is online in just 20 months.

At the start of the project, local client ,Carnes Agromar, engaged GHD/ProAnd*  to conduct the initial development study, complete the conceptual and detailed design, and providing all engineering services through to plant commissioning.

The Carnes Agromar lamb processing plant is modelled on, and exceeds, the world benchmark standards for New Zealand. All process equipment orders were put out to international tender and the best equipment was sourced from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

The project was also a family affair, with members of the Marins family, who own the business, assisting by providing architectural, project management, building construction services, plant management, accounting and marketing. Other members of the family assisted when time allowed.

Punta Arenas is a settlement of 120,000 people located on the southern end of Patagonia, where summer time temperatures average around 10C and just 1C in winter.

A GHD/ProAnd team member remained in Puntas Arenas for six months overseeing the installation of all equipment and ensuring successful operation of all plant systems. In addition, the team designed and supervised all water services, HVAC, refrigeration services, effluent treatment and rendering plant work.

* The ProAnd, an engineering and management consultancy to the meat industry, was acquired by GHD in June 2007.

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