Leslie Street Sewage Pumping Station

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GHD was retained by the Regional Municipality of York to provide detailed design, contract administration and site inspection services for the Leslie Street Sewage Pumping Station (LSSPS). The LSSPS is currently capable of conveying 3,800 L/s and is critical to the operation of the York Durham Sewer System.  The pumping capacity of the station will be increased to an ultimate flow rate of 7,500 L/s to accommodate the projected growth in York Region by the year 2051.  In addition to pumping upgrades, the scope of the required upgrades also includes a detailed hydraulic analysis and the development of a surge and transient analysis modelling to resolve existing surge issues, full design of upgrades to the station's electrical system, generator replacement and a feasibility study for using natural gas and participating in the Demand Response Program.  York Region's intent is also to follow the general emphasis on sustainable design and construction, and to pursue LEED® certification for the project.  The broad and comprehensive nature of LEED® criteria has introduced stormwater management, paving modifications, indoor environmental quality, construction waste management and other sustainable design factors into consideration for inclusion in the scope of construction and construction administrative activities.

Wastewater Treatment & Recycling


Because all wastewaters are different, it is necessary to work with a team that can combine comprehensive knowledge with practical experience in the fields of chemistry, biology, hydraulics, mechanical processes/equipment, instrumentation and control, materials handling and plant layout.

GHD can deliver on all the process components that make up a wastewater treatment plant. We have designed and project managed more than 300 wastewater treatment plants (including major municipal facilities processing 500Ml a day and industrial projects).

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