Lightpath – Te Ara I Whiti Cycleway

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The New Zealand Transport Agency engaged GHD as the lead designer, including construction contract management, for the Old Nelson Street off-ramp cycleway and accompanying cycle-bridge.

The project focused on a 1 km route that travelled over the disused Old Nelson Street off-ramp, connecting to Canada Street and Upper Queen Street via a bridge over State Highway 1, and linking into the Grafton Gully Cycleway.

Timeframes were tight, with delivery of the project required in just over a year. The scale of a project such as this would usually take around two years. GHD worked alongside Hawkins (construction), Novare (bridge designers) and Monk Mackenzie (architecture) to deliver the cycleway and Canada Street Bridge by December 2015.

The initial objective set by the New Zealand Transport Agency was for an entirely practical solution connecting the Grafton Gully Cycleway to the Nelson Street intersection. The final structure achieved the practicality objective, while also far exceeding the expectations of the agency and their customers by delivering an outstanding urban space that has already become an iconic piece of Auckland infrastructure. The Nelson Street Cycleway and cycle-bridge has received international recognition as part of its nomination for the World Architecture Awards in 2015.

This project set new precedents in delivery and project management. GHD incorporated a number of innovative solutions to achieve savings for the client with regard to both time and money, while still ensuring the delivery of an outstanding cycleway for Auckland.



Economic and population growth, greater urbanisation and increased mobility are boosting demand for new infrastructure and services straining the capacity and effectiveness of existing assets. Single mode approaches are no longer viable as governments and stakeholders recognise the need for multi-modal solutions across the whole integrated network.

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