Major waste water treatment plant for Perth

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Perth’s next big waste water treatment plant is being designed to accommodate a potential population of 800,000 people.

GHD has been engaged by the Water Corporation in Western Australia to design the Alkimos Waste Water Treatment Plant. GHD was chosen on the basis of its concept design and joins the Alkimos Water Alliance (AWA) to deliver this AUD$80 million project. AWA comprises Multiplex, McMahon and Zublin.

The design incorporates the main elements of the wastewater treatment process, including screenings, grit removal, oxidation ditch, clarifier, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering and odour control. The odour control will be achieved through biological measures, as opposed to the more commonly used chemical process.

The plant will service the new suburb of Alkimos in Perth’s northern growth corridor and is being designed to sit partially underground to improve the amenity of the local residential area.  The area required to accommodate this essential piece of infrastructure requires the excavation of more than two million cubic metres of land mass, making it one of the largest excavations ever undertaken in the Perth area.

“The project involves extensive mechanical and electrical engineering and we were able to quickly assemble a very strong team – a team that gave both Water Corporation and the AWA confidence in a successful result,” comments GHD’s Job Manager, Matthew Park.

The detailed design in this first stage of the project will provide an initial treatment capacity of 20 megalitres per day, with provision for growth over the next 20 years to increase to an ultimate capacity of 160 megalitres daily. Design work under the contract began in mid December 2008 with construction being fast tracked and due to commence in February 2009.

Wastewater Treatment & Recycling


Because all wastewaters are different, it is necessary to work with a team that can combine comprehensive knowledge with practical experience in the fields of chemistry, biology, hydraulics, mechanical processes/equipment, instrumentation and control, materials handling and plant layout.

GHD can deliver on all the process components that make up a wastewater treatment plant. We have designed and project managed more than 300 wastewater treatment plants (including major municipal facilities processing 500Ml a day and industrial projects).

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