Manchester Metrolink - Systems Integration of Extensions and Improvements

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Investment in Manchester Metrolink will bring substantial improvement in the existing infrastructure through a System Enhancement Program and through extensions to the network under Phase 3a.

GHD is taking a leadership role in systems engineering and integration that will enable the entire system to operate effectively as it develops.

Mapping the scope and architecture of the extensions and improvements onto existing system architecture allows GHD to understand the interface issues that must be addressed and to develop robust strategies accordingly.

For example, one key element of the System Enhancement Program is the introduction of a new Line of Sight (LoS) signalling system which will be implemented across both the existing and extended sections of the network. This creates a number of different interface scenarios between the LoS signalling contractor, the existing operator/maintainer and the Phase 3a infrastructure contractor.

It is vital that these interfaces are addressed in a way that will enable the system to operated as an integrated whole when the works are completed.

The varied changes to be integrated include: replacing a partially signalled system with a network wide LoS system; Power upgrade projects to support operational performance improvements; the introduction of new rolling stock and existing vehicle and tramstop improvements to comply with DDA requirements. These enhancements to the existing infrastructure are being implemented concurrently with an extension project that will see the size of the network double within three years.

This leads to a challenging environment in which to integrate the various systems in facilitate a seamless transition for Metrolink operators and users.

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