Mardi-Mangrove Link Project

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The Mardi-Mangrove Link Project is an initiative of Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils with Australian Government funding of AUD80.3 million through its Water Smart Program and an additional AUD40 million combined from the two Councils.

GHD provided design and approvals services to help the Councils achieve the project objective - to improve the harvesting of water flows from the Wyong River into Mardi Dam, the transfer of excess water for storage in the Mangrove Creek Dam, and the return of water to Mardi Dam in times of low capacity.

In the initial stages of the project, the route corridor selected by Councils for the long (19km) pipeline was found to present significant engineering and socio-economic challenges. GHD led the process for the identification of alternative options, and the recommendation for a changed alignment was accepted in the project’s early stages.

The Mardi-Mangrove Link Project won the Engineers Australia 2012 Infrastructure Excellence in Regional Communities Award and received a highly commended mention for overall excellence.

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