Murray River wetland rehabilitation

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Known as the Wetland Rehabilitation Project – Reinstating Wetting and Drying Regimes, this is one of the first projects of its type in Australia. The Lower Murray-Darling Catchment Management Authority engaged GHD to investigate, design and implement rehabilitation works to restore flood flows and fish passage to approximately 700ha of wetlands.

The team investigated wetland ecosystems to identify environmental values, then used this information to propose works and complementary land management activities aimed at achieving specific rehabilitation objectives for each wetland. The process involved flora, fauna and aquatic assessments, grazing pressure and land management assessments, indigenous cultural heritage assessments, and hydrologic-hydraulic simulation of proposed water regime options.

One of the most critical elements of the project was liaising with local landholders, state agencies and the indigenous community. A targeted communications strategy, including development and distribution of wetland fact sheets, supported the stakeholder liaison phase.

The next phase of the project is consideration of the proposed options, selecting the preferred water regime and finalising landholder endorsements. Following this, GHD will administer the approval process and construction tendering, and provide contract administration services through to completion.

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