NDIA Solid Waste Management Plan

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GHD was commissioned to prepare a solid waste management plan for the new Doha International Airport in the Middle East.

The plan aims to help manage the large quantity of solid waste handled by the airport and to make certain it is disposed of in an efficient and environmentally appropriate and sustainable manner, with minimal impact on the amenity of airport users.

The waste management plan will consider the broad range of solid wastes typically produced at international airports, including waste removed from arriving flights and other wastes (i.e. non-flight wastes) produced at passenger terminals, offices, catering facilities and airport maintenance facilities.

The objectives of this project are to review and evaluate the solid waste generation estimates and planned solid waste handling methods and facilities, develop a conceptual solid waste handling plan and to present the findings of these tasks in an integrated waste management plan.

Waste Management


The need to minimise waste generation rates and recover and utilise by-products of waste degradation (through alternative waste treatment technologies or modifications to current waste disposal methods) is dictating the future of waste management practices.

Our team of professionals provide advice and solutions for the complete range of waste management issues. We’ll assist you in developing sustainable practices to address your requirements now and into the future.

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