Network Rail Asset Management Competence Framework

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GHD provided the Technical Lead for the Network Rail Asset Management Competence Framework, one of seven work streams under the Asset Management Improvement Programme developed in conjunction with the Regulator. This project coincided with the development and submission of the Strategic Business Plan (SBP) for Control Period 5 (2014-2019).

The competence framework was built around Network Rail's management system for the application and assurance of asset management. The management system sets out a staged approach for the development and implementation of resulting plans and, in doing so, defines the planning and decision-making levels in each stage, and the activities associated with these.

The competence framework project sat alongside cultural initiatives to refine behaviours and embrace new approaches to decision-making. It recognised that the development of asset management capabilities is a progression; building on latent knowledge, developing specific skills and competence, but still dependent on appropriate behaviours and interaction to produce the overall corporate capability.

The competence framework was applied to the SBP team to identify development and training priorities, and is being rolled out across the business.

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