New Metrorail - Perth

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The New MetroRail project, with a budget of $1.518 billion, is the biggest public infrastructure project ever undertaken in the Perth metropolitan area. It will expand the existing railway network of some 100 kilometres by a further 81 kilometres of new track and will almost double the existing fleet of 96 railcars. Annual patronage is expected to grow from about 31 million to 51 million passenger trips in 2008 and 15 new stations will be built.

Significant alterations to existing structures and roadways above ground were required to accommodate the approach sections of the railway, and for the cut and cover construction of the new stations.

GHD was responsible for the:

  • Alignment and transit space analysis of the tunnels (setting the spatial and sizing arrangements);
  • Detailed design of the dive structures;
  • All trackwork and related railways, particularly the special tunnel track forms for the control of noise and vibration (which required extensive acoustic and structural modelling);
  • Rationalisation and remodelling of Perth Yard (including track layouts, signalling alterations and modifications to the OHW layout); and
  • All of the surface works for the alterations of highways, lighting, traffic controls and drainage.



Under increasing pressure to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, the worldwide railway industry is inclined to support sustainable and customer-focused organisations, whether they are publicly or privately owned.

We assist out clients to find new, common sense perspectives to investigate, develop and deliver an innovative rail transport system. Whether you aim to create an intermodal freight network or to provide a fast, high frequency urban passenger service, we reveal cost efficiency options across the entire lifecycle of operation.

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We partner with rail operators, infrastructure owners, maintainers and financiers, suppliers and contractors, government, planners and regulators in management, and operation and maintenance of railway systems.

We're on board with metropolitan, suburban, intercity, high speed, and light rail & tram passenger rail clients. Our freight rail contacts include heavy haul, interstate, bulk, light general, shuttle and intermodal stakeholders.

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