Ohakea Airbase Pilot Training Facility

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The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) appointed GHD to design and construct a facility to house the specific requirements of Beechcraft flight simulator equipment. This included two fully isolated simulator rooms and accompanying offices, workshops and training classrooms, furnished with high-tech equipment from the United States.

The overall project included the refurbishment and fit-out of the No.1 hangar, the adjacent flight-line aircraft shelter and associated hard-standing, as well as the refurbishment of the flight operations building. The building’s functions all radiate from a centrally located spine, intersected by the entry corridor that leads to the No.1 hangar through an internal link-way.

GHD designed a flight simulator building that encapsulates an elegant form and function, complementing the surrounding base. The design is innovative and thoughtful, continuing our successful history with the New Zealand Defence Force.

Together with the NZDF, GHD has created a facility in which trainees now have access to improved and continuous training in various scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.



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