Oxley Highway to Kempsey (OHK) Geotechnical Alliance

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Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) and GHD formed the OHK Geotechnical Alliance in 2011 in order to undertake the concept stage geotechnical investigation, interpretation and assessment of design options for the 37 km long Oxley Highway to Kempsey section (Port Macquarie to South Kempsey) of the Pacific Highway Upgrade Program.

This project was the first Geotechnical Alliance with RMS and the largest geotechnical investigation ever undertaken by both RMS and GHD.

When complete, this upgrade will typically include the construction of a four lane dual carriageway, including two major bridge structures and five minor overwater twin bridges on the main alignment. In addition it will have nine minor overwater bridges for service roads, five overbridges carrying local traffic over the main alignment, two local access underpasses, six proposed flood relief structures up to 250 m in length, approximately 120 drainage culverts, and approximately 10 fauna culverts.

The concept design also includes 62 rock cuttings up to 30 m in height.



GHD's Geology team applies geological principles to the civil engineering, and mining and resources development industries. We work with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that optimise the negotiation of prevailing geological conditions, with the aim of minimising project cost and risk.

Our geological services are fully integrated with the diverse skills base across the GHD network. As an international professional services provider, we deliver the following geology services:

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Our services include:


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With you, our hydrogeologists work alongside our engineers, environmental consultants, planners, surveyors and GIS consultants to arrive at integrated solutions.

GHD has global hydrogeological experience in groundwater resource assessment, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), mine dewatering, aquifer depressurisation, groundwater management and environmental assessment, salinity, acid sulfate soils (ASS) and acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD).

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Road Systems


For more than 50 years, we have delivered innovative road systems including rehabilitation, expansion and development of new highways, complex interchanges, toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Our planners and engineers provide integrated services to plan, design, construct, maintain and manage all aspects of the road corridor life cycle.

From planning and procurement through to feasibility and investigation, and design, construction, delivery and maintenance, our clients enjoy bespoke solutions for roads that incorporate masterplanning, funding and economic analysis, transport planning, asset management, environmental management, risk management and more.

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